Passione Amorosa (1870)
Giovanni Bottesini (1821 - 1889)
Andante, Allegro, Andante, Allegretto
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excerpt from the first mouvement
(HM 905209)
Robert Zimansky - violin
Cléna Stein - double bass
Gerard Wyss - piano
Written in a spectacular operatic style, Passione Amorosa was composed as a duo for
two double basses.  Instead, Cléna performs it with violin and bass to contrast the two
voices.  This is a dialogue between a man and woman, but here it's the woman with
the bass voice and the man who is the soprano! To open this love story (so that our
two protagonists can get to know one another before the fireworks begin), Cléna has
added this exquisite little aria from "Les Soirées Musicales" by Rossini.
Cléna Stein c Copyright 2006